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Mah Epic Shoes 2 by keyblade4evah Mah Epic Shoes 2 :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 4 0 Mah Epic Shoes by keyblade4evah Mah Epic Shoes :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 4 3 Shinra's Finest_Oliver by keyblade4evah Shinra's Finest_Oliver :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 0 0
Shinra's Finest_Mission Part 1
Mission part 1
Third Class Officer, Buddy ~~~~~, is ordered to be at Director Lazard's office at 1300 hours."
My heart was in my throat as I was standing in front of a very impressive door that read DIRECTOR LAZARD.  Why would this 'Lazard' guy want to see me?  And by the way who was this guy anyway??
"What up chicken butt?" a familiar voice sang, disturbing me from my thoughts.  I turned around to see my best friend smiling from behind her helmet.
"Greetings there friend," I smiled, "What are you doing here, Nara?" I inquired, placing my hands on my hips.
"It's Nate here, re-mem-ba-er," she said, flapping a little blue piece of paper in my face.  I snatched the annoying piece of parchment and read it.
Third Class Officer, Nate Kingsly, is ordered to be at Director Lazard's office at 1300 hours."
"Oh, you gots one too?" I lamely asked, even though it was 'no-duh.'
"Yep," she smiled.
"Do you know who this 'Lazard' dude is?"
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Shinra's Finest_Awkward
I ~~~~ ~~~~~, being of somewhat sound mind and body declare that all men, no matter what age, are STUPID!!!
Why?  You may ask?  Well, I will tell you.
It started earlier today…
I just got back from my mission, which was a lousy escort mission, and I was quietly minding my own business in the SOLDIER lounge.  That was until two familiar dark haired males walked into the room…
"I'm telling you, Angeal, I met this amazing girl last night!" Zack sighed, plopping down on the couch next to me.
"I have a feeling that I've heard this story before, Zack," Angeal smirked, leaning against a near by wall.
"No really!  She's my dream girl!" Zack smiled.
"Um, what are you guys talking about?" I innocently asked, I really wasn't paying attention until now.
"Puppy keeps babbling on and on some girl he met last night at the bar," Angeal sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.
"Puppy?" I tilted my head in confusion.
Angeal pointed a gloved finge
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Shinra's Finest_Day Off
The Day Off
Bad music and good drinks…
That's the Goblin Bar's motto and tonight they were doing a bang up job of sticking to it.
"You would think that they would hire a better band," I sighed, throwing back the last of my drink and slamming the cup on the bar.  I motioned the bartender for another, which he happily obliged and set another cup full of sweet, fizzy liquid in front of me.  
"Well, I don't think they're that bad," my violet haired companion stated, bobbing her head to the offbeat music as she polishes off the last of her drink, some foul colorful concoction that had a matching umbrella.
"Whatever," I rolled my eyes, Nara always had a bad ear for music and tonight I didn't feel like arguing with her.  I was here to have a good time.  Thank the Big Guy upstairs for the day off they were giving the 3rds after the training from Hell.  Believe it or not, more than half of the recruits quit or were let go after that day, or
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Shinra's Finest_Training Day
The Training Day
  The fast rhythmic beat of the helicopter blades fell in perfect sync with the uncontrollable beating of my heart.  Its do or die… this was what separates the boys from the men, or in this case girl from men.  
"Get in, destroy the enemy, get out," Angeal voice rang in my ears.  Right.
"Jump in…3…2…" I adjusted my helmet and held my breath, "…1 GO!"  
I closed my eyes and jumped.
The feeling of falling is both exhilarating and terrifying, freeing and unreal as the wind whipped past my face.  Sensing the ground I opened my eyes and rather gracefully landed on my feet, bending my knees to adsorb the impact.  Standing straight up, I inspected my surroundings for any movement, any sign of the enemy.
"This area is clean," I reported in the radio earpiece.
"Good, now make you way up the mountain, take out any Wutai troops," the voice in the radio ordered.
"Understood, Sir,"
I made
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Shinra's Finest_Stupid you day
The "Stupid You" Day
Rule numero uno of Shinra:  Don't zombie out while walking down hallways; you never know where you are going to end up.
It stared out as the three of us walking down the hallways of the Shinra building, Kunsel and Nara aka 'Nate' chatting like two little school girls leaving me, ~~~~ aka 'Buddy,' to enter zombie mode.
That is a mistake I will never do again.
I took me a while to register that the temperature rose and that there was a steamy fog that clouded my view.  I could faintly here the sound of men's voices…  Then it was all clear.  
Kunsel lead us right into the men's shower room.
And it so happened to be shower time.
In a state of shock, I slightly tilted my head to look at Nara, to see that her faced matched mine.
Big eyed, on-the-verge-of-heart-attack-shock.
Don't look down, ~~~~~, just don't look down I muttered in my head.  But that didn't help that most of the men in hear were blessed with 300 like
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Shinra's Finest _First Day
The First Day
Tick tock tick tock…
That damn clock would not shut up.  My heart would only beat faster with every tick of that stupid clock.  
I was standing, more like twitching, at a long line of up and coming 3rd class operatives.  But the good thing is that I wasn't the only one who was more than anxious to meet our 1st class supervisors, there was a bunch of grunting, coughing and taping of the impatient foot, that was until the doors slide open and three of the most intimidating men I have ever seen walked in.  The first one was a tall man with slicked back dark hair and a sword that was taller than me on his back.  The next was a man dressed in a red coat that matched his hair.  Then the last man who walked in literally caused the whole room, except me, to gasp with the 'ooooos and aahhhhhs.' It was The Man, The Idol, The Heroes of all heroes, it was Sephiroth.
"Oh…my…Gosh!" Nara gushed behind me, "He nev
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Shinra's Finest
                               Shinra's Finest
"Are you sure it's on right?"
"Yeah, nobody will ever know,"
"And the wrap?"
"It's fine, you're such a worry wart, [name]!"
"Well, soooory for being a little nervous!" you shouted at your best friend.
"How can they see with these helmets on?" your purple haired friend complained, adjusting the metal contraption on her head.
"You're you sure we don't stand out, Nara?" you timidly asked, looking yourself over.
"Relax, [name]. If we play our cards right, none of the higher ups will ever know," Nara smirked, tucking the material of her pants into her boots.
Tacking a deep breath, you took one good last look into the mirror, and you were pretty amazed that you hardly recognized yourself.  Your [hair color] locks were neatly tucked into the metal helmet, which covered your [eye color
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Pretty in Pink by keyblade4evah Pretty in Pink :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 0 2 ceaser by keyblade4evah ceaser :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 0 0 Cosmos Dragon by keyblade4evah Cosmos Dragon :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 0 0 Rainbow Eclipse by keyblade4evah Rainbow Eclipse :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 1 0 Pirate gal by keyblade4evah Pirate gal :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 0 0 Mirror by keyblade4evah Mirror :iconkeyblade4evah:keyblade4evah 0 0


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For All Zack Fair Fangirls
You sit in the green grass of a meadow. You had just moved out here to the countryside of Gongaga a few months ago. You found this meadow while exploring. Now every day you come here and watch the sun set in the horizon. You sit feeling the soft summer breeze caress your face and the warmth of the last rays of the sun against your skin. You take in every individual bird song from the trees around the meadow. You feel a peace deep inside you. You close your eyes to better enjoy it.
A few minutes later you are startled by the subtle clomp clomp clomp of horses hooves in the grass behind you. You quickly open your eyes and turn around to look behind you. You look up to see a black horse walking toward you. You sit there and stare at the horse as it walks up beside you. You see the rider. He has on a pair of work boots, faded denim jeans, and a navy blue plaid button up shirt. You see black slightly spiky hair fall to just to below his shoulders. You immediately recognize the teen.
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